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The purpose of the Arkansas Racquetball Association (ARA) player scholarship is to help young and more mature Arkansas racquetball players continue, improve, and/or enhance their education. The members of ARA believe that through education people can improve their lives. In this way, members of ARA believe they can make a difference in the lives of Arkansas residence that also believe in the benefit of playing, competing, and enjoying the game of racquetball.  



The scholarship application, all forms, and instructions for completing the application are included in this package. The completed application with all enclosures must be returned to the ARA, no later than June 1 preceding the beginning of the school year. All information will remain confidential.



To qualify for the Arkansas Racquetball Association player scholarship the following criteria must be met:


The following guidelines shall be used in the selection of the recipient(s):


1.    The recipient shall be selected by an appropriate committee comprised of the ARA executive board and one committee member selected by the President of the ARA. The President of the ARA or an appointee (chosen by the ARA President) shall serve as chairman.  The name of this committee shall be the ARKANSAS RACQUETBALL ASSOCIATION PLAYER SCHOLARSHIP SELECTION COMMITTEE (referred to as the scholarship committee).

2.    An applicant must be an ARA member at the time the initial application is submitted and must maintain ARA membership throughout the scholarship period. Although most applicants will be those who will be graduating from high school in June of the year they apply, students already in college who are otherwise eligible may submit an application for scholarship. All applicants must be currently enrolled or accepted in a full-time program at an accredited college, university, vocational, or technical school.

3.    The recipient(s) selected will meet the following criteria:
A.      Be a residence of the state of Arkansas for a minimum of one year.

B.     Play racquetball recreationally and/or competitively. Be an active member of the Arkansas Racquetball Association. Must be able to document.

C.     Demonstrate the ability to compete academically by maintaining a 2.5 grade point average (based on 4.0 scale).

D.     Entering freshmen must have had a cumulative high school grade point average of 2.5 (based on 4.0 scale).

                                          E.     Be accepted to an Arkansas institute of higher education. Either public or private four (4) or two (2) year school.

F.      Be accepted to an institute of higher education outside the state of Arkansas and: 1) participate with an institution approved racquetball team or; 2) participate with the state association by either playing or helping administer racquetball tournaments.              

G.       Must be a degree seeking full-time student.              

H.     A one page letter must accompany application from the applicant to the committee stating his or her case for consideration.



In the case of successful candidates, scholarship checks will be made payable to the student and will be sent directly to the student. A form requesting confirmation of acceptance or enrollment to an educational institution will be sent to the successful candidate prior to the disbursement of the funds. Checks will be mailed to the student around the first part of the fall term.



Persons submitting applications for the renewal of scholarships must re-submit a complete application for consideration. Applicants that previously submitted an application and were not awarded a scholarship must also re-submit a new application for consideration.



The ARA Board will establish a fund designated as the ARKANSAS RACQUETBALL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND (referred to as scholarship fund) to provide scholarship to those who apply and qualify for the ARA Player Scholarship.


The ARA Player Scholarship Selection Committee chairman will present to the ARA board a ‘state of the ARA scholarship fund’ message at the spring ARA state singles championship each year. This message will include: 1) balance of the ARA scholarship fund; 2) income earned from interest during the past year; 3) expected interest income for the ARA scholarship fund for the upcoming year; 4) past performance of all scholarship recipients; and 5) expenses and/or additional income from the fund.


During this meeting the chairman will receive from the ARA board a firm commitment for the funds the ARA will contribute to the ARA scholarship fund above the interest earned for scholarships to be awarded for the next award. This commitment from the ARA board and the expected interest income will be the total amount of scholarship funds that can be awarded for the upcoming term.


The ARA Player Scholarship Selection Committee will determine individual award amounts.


It is recommended that applications be due by June 1 of each year and that the scholarship selection be made prior to the fall academic term.


The chairman of the scholarship committee will do receipt, preparation, and assembly of all scholarship applications for review by the committee.




In the event that the student completes only a portion of the scholarship year, the unused scholarship funds will be returned to the ARA. Scholarship monies may be applied to payment of tuition, textbooks, instructional material, room/board, and other miscellaneous fees, directly related to the field of study.



Students awarded scholarships in the past may re-apply for subsequent year awards. Students who previously applied but were not selected to receive an award are also encouraged to re-apply.


All applicants considered for scholarships will be advised in writing as to their selection or non-selection. The ARA scholarships are not restricted by race, color, creed, sex, religion, or national origin.




These instructions pertain to the submission of ARA Racquetball Scholarship applications and are furnished to ensure that you understand the requirements to submit an application. In order to qualify for an ARA Racquetball Scholarship, the applicant must be a current ARA member at the time the application is submitted and must maintain ARA membership throughout the scholarship period. All applicants must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a full-time student as defined by the educational institution in which you are currently enrolled or plan to attend.


The following is a checklist of required documents:


___1.  Scholarship application completed and signed.


___2.  One page letter stating case for consideration.


___3.  Additional information my include: resume, letters of recommendation, award certificates, academic awards, list of racquetball accomplishments, newspaper articles, volunteer work, other high school awards, or clubs may be included. This is all optional.


Faxes, copies, and like reproductions of this application will not be accepted. Only one copy of the application and documents are necessary. Copies of any additional information are acceptable.













ARA Scholarship Application