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YEAR            INDUCTEE
1990                Bob Daniel
                         Gwen Benham

1991                Hugh Groover
                         Rex Benham

1992                Gary Mills

1993                Becky Rush

1994                Bill Collier

1995                Fred Aylett

1998                Mary McKinney

2000                Ken Karmel

2001                Lance Dearien

2004                Ron Buescher

2005                David Dennis

2007                Dan Sublett

ARA Hall of Fame Criteria

Arkansas Racquetball Hall of Fame


This document was approved by the Arkansas Racquetball Association Board of Directors on August 8, 2009


            The Arkansas Racquetball Hall of Fame inducted its first candidates in 1990. The ambitious efforts of many in the Arkansas racquetball community made this come about. On these pages you will find information of the objectives, criteria, nomination, and election procedures instituted in 1990 and developed throughout the years.




            The Arkansas Racquetball Association (ARA) has developed the Arkansas Racquetball Hall of Fame to recognize and honor those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in performance on the court and also those individuals who have excelled in their contribution to Arkansas racquetball through their efforts in administration, teaching, promotion, leadership, and/or philanthropy.


            The Board of Directors for the ARA believes it is important to recognize and honor these individuals for their efforts and excellence toward Arkansas racquetball. From a historical perspective these individuals, through their outstanding achievement, and ARA recognition will be a motivating factor for future Arkansas racquetball players and enthusiasts. For this reason, the Board of Directors has developed the following criteria for induction into the Arkansas Racquetball Hall of Fame.




1.         Types of Honorees

            A.         Performance. Individuals who have excelled on the racquetball court through sportsmanship, fair
                        play, and victories in state and national competitions.

            B.         Contributors. Individuals who have excelled through their outstanding and consistent efforts in 
                        administration, teaching, promotion, and/or philanthropy.


2.         Membership in Arkansas Racquetball Association

            A.         Performance. Individuals must have been a member of the ARA for 10 years. These years do not
                        have to be consecutive. Must be at least 35 years old.

            B.         Contributors. Individuals must have been a member of the ARA for 15 years.


3.         Performance Criteria

            A.         Individuals must have influenced other competitors with his or her performance through any or all of
                        the following: sportsmanship, fair play, persistence, and inspirational leadership.

            B.         ARA Point Qualification System

                        ●          A player must accumulate a minimum of 6 points to qualify for the Hall of Fame.

                        1)         A player will receive: one (1) point for each state singles title. Except for the “Open” category
                                    only one letter division and one age group division count towards the total. Thus five ‘D”
                                    championships would count only as one point. Similarly, five “35+” championships would
                                    count only as a single point. If you have attained the age of 35 or more and have accumulated
                                    championship points in an age division, you cannot drop below the “A” division to accumulate
                                    championship points. This would prevent an age group winner from dropping in class to
                                    acquire points.

                        2)         A player will receive: two (2) points for each national ‘championship’ event title at an USAR or
                                    NMRA national event. The only ‘championship’ events at national tournaments are Open and
                                    age group divisions. Letter group divisions are not considered championship divisions.

                        3)         All championship divisions, either in state or national tournaments must have a minimum of
                                    eight (8) players in the draw for the winner to earn the appropriate (#1 & #2 above) ARA Hall of
                                    Fame point(s). A championship division with a draw of 7 or less will earn the winner one half
                                    ARA Hall of Fame appropriate points.

            C.        Performance points shall be kept and updated by the President of the Arkansas Racquetball
                        Association or his/her designee. It shall also be his/her responsibility to report to the Board when a
                        player accomplishes the point criteria to be inducted.


4.         Contributor Criteria

            A.         Individuals made a significant and noteworthy contribution, which has left a lasting, positive effect on
                        the advancement of Arkansas racquetball. Efforts should have been devoted to the sport and
                        organization of racquetball.




            A.         Any current ARA member may nominate a candidate. A person may not nominate himself or herself.

            B.         The person presenting a nomination must submit a cover letter to the Board of Directors that
                        accurately summarizes the nominee and their qualifications.

            C.        Time Line for Nominations

                        1)         The Arkansas Board of Directors will vote on qualified (if any) nominees each year at the
                                    Arkansas Racquetball State Singles Tournament held in the spring.

                        2)         Nominees for the Arkansas Racquetball Hall of Fame must be submitted to  the Board no later
                                    than 30 days prior to the first day of play at the Arkansas Racquetball State Singles




            A.         Voting

                        1)         The Board will vote on each nominee by ballot.

                        2)         75% of current Board members is required to induct.


            B.         Notification     

                        1)         Inducted members will be notified immediately after the vote.


            C.        Recognition

                        1)         Inducted members will receive a plaque depicting their name and date of induction.

                        2)         Induction will be announced on the ARA website.





            All current Arkansas Racquetball Association players who have been members of the ARA for 10 years or longer as of August 1, 2009 will be inducted, if qualified, under the criteria set prior to these criteria being approved by the ARA Board of Directors.


ARA Hall of Fame History

Introduced in the August 1991 ARA Newsletter


The Hall of Fame criteria are: ten year participation in ARA events. An accumulated point total of 5 according to the following system:


a.       One point for each state singles title. Except for the “Open” category only one letter division and one age group division count towards the total. Thus five “D” Championships would count only as one point. Similarly, five 35+ championships would count only as a single point.


b.      Two points for each regional ‘championship’ event title. The only championship events at regional tournaments, and the national tournament, are Open and age group divisions. Letter group divisions are not considered championships divisions.


c.       Two points for semi-final appearance in the AARA National Singles Championships. Three points for a finals appearance. Categories ‘b’ and ‘c’ can be used only once for qualifying for the Hall of Fame Award. Thus three regional championships would not qualify you for the award, but would add two points to your total.



Outlined in the April 1994 ARA Newsletter


…to be inducted into the Hall of Fame takes a little more effort. You must participate 10 years in the sport as an amateur and be a resident of the State. You must also accumulate a minimum of five championship points which can be acquired as follows: One point for each state singles title. Letter divisions will not be repeating championships. In other words, you cannot receive more than one point for winning any letter division more than once. However, open division winners can repeat and will be awarded one point for each open title. Age division winners will receive one point for a championship in an age group (35, 40, 45, etc.). If you have attained the age of 35 or more and have accumulated championship points in an age division, you cannot drop below the “A” division to accumulate championship points. This would prevent an age group winner from dropping in class to acquire points.


Two points can be earned for a regional championship which corresponds to a ‘championship division” in the national AARA tournament, (some regions, to add to the draw, will play A, B, or C divisions and will award trophies). Since there are not “championship” events in the national tournament, however, they will not be awarded championship points for the Hall of Fame consideration. The rational behind this rule is that these events are for local players and are not as competitive as the championship events.


Two points may be earned for a national “invitational” win played on a round robin basis;  Three points for a national championship at the AARA National Singles Championships.